Pro Tools HD 11 (16 inputs and outputs)

Avid HD I/O converters

Mac Pro - 6 core

Dangerous Music - Source (Selector)


Dynaudio - BM5

KRK - Rokit 5'



Peluso 22 251 Tube (Cardioid, Fig 8, Omni)

Pearlman TM-1 Tube (Cardioid, Omni)

Avantone BV-1 Tube (Cardioid, Fig 8, Omni)

Mojave MA200 tube

AKG 414 EB Silver x2

AKG 452 x2

Sennheiser 421 x1

Sennheiser e604 x4

Sennheiser e609 x1

Audio-Technica 4047 x3 

Audio-Technica 4050 Silver Limited Edition x2 (Cardioid, fig 8, Omni)

Audio-Technica 4033 x2 (Cardioid)

Audio-Technica 4041 x2 (sm diaphragm - Cardioid)

Audix i5

Shure Beta 52

Shure Beta 56

Shure SM57 x 4

Shure SM58 x 4

Shure Wireless Beta 58 x 4



Avedis MA5 Preamp x2

Great River- MP500-NV x2

Rupert Neve Designs - Portico (2 channel)

Realios A9031 Preamp (Helios)

Daking Mic Pre IV (4 channel)

Grace Designs Preamp
s (8 channel)


Outboard Gear

Dangerous Music - 16 Channel Summing Mixer

API 2500 - Stereo Buss Compressor

Elysia Xpressor 500 stereo compressor

Kush Audio (UBK) Electra EQs x2

API 550B EQs x4 (4-band)

API 560 EQ (Graphic)

Great River/ Harrison 32 EQ x2

Empirical Labs EL8 –Distressor

DBX 160 VU

DBX 160X

DBX 166 (stereo)

DBX 900 rack (5- 905 EQ, 2- 902 De-Esser, 2- 903 Comp, 2-904 Gate)

Yamaha SPX90 II

PSA-1 - Tech 21 SansAmp

Boss SE-50 stereo effects processor


--additional mobile recording interfaces--

1- MOTU Traveler - Firewire interface

1- DIGI 003 - Firewire interface


1- Countryman-Type 85-Stereo DI

1- Radial Stereo DI

1- Radial Reamp box

***Plus numerous DI inputs on preamp modules


Audio Technica Phones x12

Beyer Dynamic 770 PRO x3


Amps, Guitars and Guitar FX   


Mesa Boogie DC-5

Fender Blues Junior Tweed (NOS Tubes and Jensen speaker upgrade)

Fender Bassman 50 Watt head

2x12 Tubeworks speaker cabinet


-Guitars- (available by request)

Gibson Les Paul - Standard Traditional (2011)

Gretsch - Electromatic 5420

G&L - Legacy Special (1996)

Fender - American Standard Telecaster

PRS Paul Reed Smith - Custom 24 (1996)

Gibson Hummingbird Pro 2009 (Acoustic)

Ibanez Soundgear - Bass

Yamaha FG 460S (Acoustic)

Washburn Classical Guitar


-Guitar Pedals-

Fulltone-OCD overdrive

Ibanez- TS9 Tubescreamer reissue

Boss- DS-1 Distortion, DD-5 Digital Delay, CH-1 Super Chorus

Vox Wah Pedal

Crybaby Wah Pedal (with Fasel Inductor)

Dunlop- Rotovibe

***Other misc guitar effects available




-Waves 9-    

Platinum Bundle    

Studio Classics Bundle (SSL, NEVE, API)    

Eddie Kramer - Helios EQ and PIE Compressor    

CLA Classic Compressors    

Waves- Multirack (live interfacing)


-SoftTube Bundle

-Slate Digital Bundle

-Altiverb 6

-Kush Audio - UBK-1 

-IK Multimedia -   T-Racks 4 Deluxe
, Amplitube 4

-Sound Toys Bundle

-Abbey Road - EMI TG compressor and EMI RS-124

-Bomb Factory - Fairchild, Classic Compressors (1176,  LA-3A, LA-2A, Purple Audio 1176)

-Celemony - Melodyne Editor

-Massey Plugins- Limiter, De:esser & DRT2 (drum replacement tool)

-TL Space Reverb

-Tel-Ray Delay



-Reverb One- (TDM only)

-Eleven (AMP simulator)



-Sound Replacer

-Sans Amp

-Voce Spin

-Joe Meek - Compressor & EQ