-The History of Tim-

Hi, I'm Tim Mitchell. I'm an Audio Engineer, Producer and Musician. I have played and studied music since I can remember. Check out my list of projects and credits. I have a wide range of styles of music I've recorded from Jazz and Orchestral dates to Rock and Pop to Movie Scores and Audio Books. I went to the Berklee College of Music in Boston and studied Jazz theory and my major was Music Production and Engineering. After finishing the program at Berklee I began my real world audio work at Clinton Recording Studios in Hells Kitchen - New York City. In 2010 Clinton was closed for good and since demolished. Myself and Bryan Smith were the house engineers at Clinton for many years and pooled our resources to open a studio in Williamsburg off the J/M & G trains. Our concept was to put together a space that could be affordable to work out of for small projects but still achieve the highest quality and standards we and our clients had been accustomed to at Clinton. Coming from a multimillion dollar facility our standards were set high.

We chose to go simple and pure without a large console. With a full Pro Tools HD rig, some purchases from Clinton, and other new and vintage gear; we began building our studio piece by piece paying attention to sonic quality and character of each piece of gear in the room. Every microphone, preamp, EQ, compressor, and cable in the room was selected to meet the highest of standards for our clients. We use a Pro Tools HD system with Anolog summing for playback/mixing. Please click on the 'Gear' page for a list of instruments, mics, preamps and outboard gear.